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Aberdeenshire & Kincardine (Sir Rob Smith, PA 5) North East Fife (Menzies Campbell QC, PA 254) 
Argyll & Bute (Ray Michie, PA 16) N Southwark & Bermondsey S Hughes, PA 531) 
Bath (Don Foster, PA 33) Northavon (Steve Webb, PA 435) 
Berwick-Upon-Tweed (Alan Beith, PA 46) Orkney & Shetland (Jim Wallace, PA 447) 
Brecon & Radnorshire (Richard Livsey, PA 86) Oxford West & Abingdon (Evan Harris, PA 450) 
Sutherland & Easter Ross (R Maclennan, PA 113)
Portsmouth South (Mike Hancock, PA 464)
Carshalton & Wallington (Tom Brake, PA 131) Richmond Park (Jenny Tonge, PA 481) 
Cheltenham (Nigel Jones, PA 138) Romsey (Sandra Gidley, PA 485) 
Colchester (Bob Russell, PA 154) Ross, Skye & Inverness West (C Kennedy, PA 486) 
Eastleigh (David Chidgey, PA 223) Roxburgh & Berwickshire (A Kirkwood, PA 490) 
Edinburgh West (Donald Gorrie, PA 232) Sheffield Hallam (Richard Allan, PA 512) 
Gordon (Malcolm Bruce, PA 276) Somerton & Frome (David Heath, PA 524) 
Harrogate & Knaresborough (Phil Willis, PA 301) South East Cornwall (Colin Breed, PA 161) 
Hazel Grove (Andrew Stunell, PA 309) Southport (Ronnie Fearn, PA 530) 
Hereford (Paul Keetch, PA 314) St. Ives (Andrew George, PA 501) 
Isle of Wight (Peter Brand, PA 339) Sutton & Cheam (Paul Burstow, PA 563) 
Kingston & Surbiton (Edward Davey, PA 348) Taunton (Jackie Ballard, PA 571) 
Lewes (Norman Baker, PA 367) Torbay (Adrian Sanders, PA 582) 
Montgomeryshire (Lembit Opik, PA 410) Torridge & West Devon (John Burnett, PA 191) 
Newbury (David Rendel, PA 419) Truro & St Austell (Matthew Taylor, PA 586) 
North Cornwall (Paul Tyler, PA 160) Tweeddale, Ettk & Lauderdale (M Moore, PA 588) 
North Devon (Nick Harvey, PA 189) Twickenham (Vincent Cable, PA 589) 
  Weston-Super-Mare (Brian Cotter, PA 629) 
  Winchester (Mark Oaten, PA 633) 
  Yeovil (Sir Paddy Ashdown, PA 656) 

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