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RESOURCES COMMITTEE (YOUR MONEY) Committee Manager: Joanne Hargreaves.

Anthony Barnett +Arbour Cardy Gent GoldS Jones (Client Services & Human Resources) + Kreling Lourie *G MacKinney K MacKinney (Contracts & IT)++ B Miller Porter Summers True Williams Liberal Democrat Disability UK Links

Terms of Reference Liberal Democrat Disability UK Links
(a) To consider and recommend to the Council amendments to Contract Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and the Financial Regulations for DSOs and DLOs and to approve the suspension of Contract Standing Orders in respect of specific matters.

(b) To recommend and review the Treasury Management policies and annual limits.

(c) To discharge the Council's functions in relation to Council Tax, National Non-Domestic Rates, Community Charge and the collection thereof, Housing and Council Tax Benefit schemes and the cashiers and income services.

(d) To oversee the preparation of financial forecast and monitoring information.Liberal Democrat Disability UK Links

(e) To recommend to the Council the allocation of financial resources, Capital and Revenue Budgets and the level of Council Tax.

(f) To ensure that the annual budget is implemented and the underlying principles adhered to in any changes required between annual budgets.

(g) To authorise the procurement of any goods, services or works not falling within the terms of reference of any other committee, and the entering into of any contract or agreement to that effect, including any lease.

(h) To discharge the Council's responsibility in relation to the administration of the Pension Fund.

(i) To approve and monitor the Council's telecommunications, IS and IT procurement standards and processes.

(j) To determine Personnel strategies and policies, and the overall management structure of the Council.

(k) Oversee arrangements for grants to voluntary organisations and make grants as appropriate.

(l) To be responsible for the exercise of those functions of the Council not overseen by other Committees, to include:

Appointments to outside bodies, Boundary issues (Borough, wards, polling districts), Consultations and other matters arising in relation to the whole Borough or unallocated services (e.g. GLA, Post Office, etc.), Electoral Services, Emergency Planning, Mayoralty, civic ceremonial protocols, Member services, Parliamentary matters (except NHS issues) and private legislation, Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

(m) To oversee the management of contracts under the Local Government Acts 1988 and 1992 (except Housing Management) and all matters relating to Direct Labour Organisations as defined in the Local Government, Planning and Land Act 1980 and related legislation.Liberal Democrat Disability UK Links

(n) To have strategic corporate-wide responsibility for all Council property assets including approving the purchase, sale or appropriation of land and buildings where the value of the transaction is in excess of £15,000 and approving the letting or taking on of lease (or otherwise) of property where the annual value is in excess of £10,000 or for a term exceeding 10 years.

(o) To make compulsory purchase orders. Liberal Democrat Disability UK Links

Liberal Democrat Disability UK LinksLiberal Democrats Richmond councillors Liberal Democrat Disability UK Links
(Committee Manager: Elaine Bolger x 7275)

Anthony Barnett +Carthew Gold Lait Lourie * Mackenzie B Miller Orchard Whittall

Terms of Reference

To agree:

(a) the arrangements that apply to the control and management of the Council's PFI projects and the structure and content of all contract documentation;

(b) the business case generally and specific value for money aspects of the procurements;

(c) the approach taken by the Council to risk allocation within the contracts;

(d) the process used to evaluate tenders;

(e) the appointment of preferred (and reserve) bidders;

(f) the Council's general position on key commercial terms prior to contract negotiation;

(g) the composition of the Council's negotiating team;

(h) variations to the Council's negotiating position during contract negotiations;

(i) the Council's approach to third-party negotiations (for example funding institutions);

(j) commercial terms (subject to contract);

(k) preliminary arrangements in respect of certification arrangements under the Local Government Contracts Act 1997 (if required) with the Chief Executive and the Monitoring Officer of the Council;

(l) arrangements for monitoring the contracts and;

(m) any incidental and related matters to (a) - (l) above.

To meet on an ad hoc basis as required, which may be monthly.

Liberal Democrat Disability UK Links
(Co-ordinator: Robert Hancock x 7870 )

The Director and the Director of Finance, in consultation with a pool of Members comprising Councillors
Anthony Barnett +Arbour, Carthew, Gold, Lourie, G MacKinney and B Miller to be called upon for ad hoc meetings.

Terms of Reference

The Director (Opportunities for All) and the Director of Finance be authorised, in consultation with the above Members, to monitor Richmond Theatre and the financial situation to protect the Council's interests and make recommendations to the Resources Committee accordingly, and to agree any payments arising from the Council's liability under its guarantees of overdraft arrangements and of the lease rental payments by Richmond Theatre Management Limited to the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Liberal Democrat Disability UK Links

(Co-ordinator: Jeanette Phillips x 7151)

Anthony Barnett +Alexander * Mackenzie Parsons Cornwell

Community Advisers (CVS nominees) Chris Whelan Jean Lewis

Terms of Reference

(a) To review the current voluntary sector grants programme and to consider the development of a voluntary sector grants strategy (Compact with the Voluntary Sector) in consultation with the voluntary sector in order to make recommendations to the Strategy Committee and, in particular,

(b) With reference to the current grants programme to review:

· Impact of external and internal changes on the funding of the voluntary sector
· The overall level of budget and the equality of distribution among sectors
· Funding Strategy and Priorities
· Funding Arrangements including core funding/project funding, longer term funding/contract and small grants
· Occupation of Council owned/leased accommodation by voluntary organisations

(c) With reference to the current grant process to review:

Ÿ Application Process, including eligibility criteria
Ÿ Reporting Process
Ÿ Conditions of Grant
Ÿ Staggered grant payments
Ÿ Reserves Policy

(d) To consider the development of a voluntary sector grants strategy (Compact with the Voluntary Sector) which would seek to establish a framework for partnership and consultation with the voluntary sector.

Liberal Democrat Disability UK Links

(Committee Manager: Elaine Bolger x 7275)

Anthony Barnett +Alexander *Butler Cardy (Housing) +Cornish Daglish Lee (Adults) ++ Mackenzie J Matthews Mumford Porter Whittall (Children & Families) +M Woodriff Community Advisers:Miss J LewisMs N Orton Mr G Pope Ms M Ray Ms M Swift Mrs J Templeman

Terms of Reference

(a) To undertake the purchase and provision of the Council's social care services for Borough residents.

(b) To carry out the local implementation of national social services policies under the National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990, the Children Act 1989 and other legislation.

(c) To carry out strategic joint planning with the National Health Service, and to consider statutory and non-statutory consultations by the National Health Service on service developments, rationalisations and other changes.

(d) To liaise generally and maintain relations with related statutory and independent services, including the National Health Service, and to consider related Parliamentary matters.

(e) To agree the Council's Housing Strategy, to agree revisions to the Council's Allocations Policy, and to oversee the Council's environmental health functions relating to residential dwellings (excluding noise and air pollution monitoring and pest control).

(f) To exercise the Council's responsibilities with regard to the Housing Transfer Agreement with Richmond Housing Partnership (RHP).

With respect to the Council's Social Services functions: Liberal Democrat Disability UK Links

(g) To approve service plans and strategies and any major service developments.

(h) To set any fees or charges.

(i) To establish any admission and entitlement criteria and award grants as appropriate.

(j) To award contracts in accordance with Standing Orders.

(k) To recommend to the Resources Committee capital programme bids and to monitor capital projects to ensure their implementation.

(l) To approve the service's annual revenue budget plan and monitor any significant variations to its expenditure.

(m) To approve and revise the senior management structure of the Social Services and Housing and Consumer Protection Departments.

(n) To ensure that the delegation to the service's officers operates within the detailed scheme.

(o) To make bye-laws relating to its services.

(p) To make appointments to Committees, Joint Committees of Local Authorities, Statutory Joint Committees, Trustees or Charities, representatives on Local Government Associations and other similar bodies.

Liberal Democrat Disability UK Links
(Co-ordinator: Peter Wilson x 7360)

Anthony Barnett +Lee Cardy Mackenzie Daglish J Matthews Mrs J Templeman

Terms of Reference. To advise the Director (Caring for People) on responses to local and national health service plans and consultative documents. To meet on an ad-hoc basis.

Is it little wonder that Liberal Democrat Richmond is permanently teetering on bankruptcy, in constant reprimand from government and the worst care policy in the UK? With some Lib-Dem councillors treating the disabled with such discrimination.

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