3 Years of Discriminative Liberal democrats.


Three years of shame. Three years of mismanagement. Three years of teetering on bankruptcy. Three years of victimising the vulnerable. Three years of eliminating social care. Three years of discrimination. Lib-Dems, Liberal Democrat Political Party

**The Liberal Democrat scandal ** Draconian Lib-Dems

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Lib-Dems, Liberal Democrat Political Party All content is without prejudice. Disability UK is Europe's TOP disability site. We have no affiliation with any other group. Lib-Dems, Liberal Democrat Political Party

Breaking News: Lib-Dems, Liberal Democrat Political Party
Richmond Social Services 'Children and Families' unit, under external investigation. Following in the wake of recent national scandal and previous 'cover up' internal investigations. This notorious department are facing an external investigation into serious allegations of abuse towards the disabled.The charges levelled against the notorious department, including use of terrorising tactics, gross departmental mismanagement and deliberate lying to conceal facts. A spokesperson for Disability UK stated "Their discriminative reign of cover up's, barbarism and terror will soon be over in this borough."

  • Disabled protest at Lib Dem Councillors 'scrap heap' plans for them. In shockingly discriminative words to the press, Lib Dem Councillor Anthony Barnett accused the disabled of 'pretending' . There are demands for his immediate sacking.
  • Any person in public employ, as a Liberal Democrat, who deliberately 'steam rollers' erred decisions against the the disabled and then utters defamatory discrimination against them, should be truly labelled as 'uncivilised' by 21st century standards and, therefore be considered of barbaric thought. From the facts seen and track record, the Richmond Liberal Democrats are certainly not capable of managing a borough, have no wish to be civilised and are deeply discriminative.
    Do you know a Draconian, barbarian, oxymoron or just plain ignoramus Liberal Democrat Councillor that needs putting on show?
    14 Years of irresponsibility - 6 Years of running backwards - 3 Years of Bankruptcy. NOW? Your choice.
    Liberal Democrats See our 'Mole in the council Hole' for inside truths. (At bottom of page)
  • Liberal Democrat Councillor in porn scandalLib-Dems, Liberal Democrat Political Party
    March 20, 2001 A councillor has been caught repeatedly visiting pornographic Internet sites on a council-owned computer late at night. The council is refusing to name the man, who was reprimanded after an internal investigation.
    This week there were calls for the man to resign, to lift a cloud of suspicion hanging over all male councillors, and the council pledged to tighten up the code of conduct for councillors. SO WHICH SENIOR COUNCILLOR IS IT? YOUR GUESS!

    Elderly lives 'put at risk' Lib-Dem Richmond worst offender in London.
    Friday, 13 October, 2000
    Thousands of elderly people may go into homes needlessly. Thousands of elderly people are ending up in hospital or nursing homes because they are not getting the right help at home, government figures reveal in a review of social services. Lib-Dem Richmond features in all reports of 'low care' standards.

    Ofsted slams defective Liberal Democrat LEA Lib-Dems, Liberal Democrat Political Party
    February 16, 2001 9:50: The Governments schools inspectorate, Ofsted, has savaged Liberal Democrat Richmond's Local Education Authority for a wide range of failings, ranging from ineffective management to poor financial planning.The report, published this week and based on a thorough inspection last November, highlighted 10 key areas where the Liberal Democrat LEA is failing schools and pupils and concluded: These weaknesses constitute a seriously defective performance in some of the most basic areas of LEA work.

    Fury as hall goes on sale Lib-Dems, Liberal Democrat Political Party
    March 2, 2001 10:07: Residents in Mortlake, the most deprived part of the Liberal Democrat borough, have been dealt a severe blow this week after cash-strapped Richmond Lib-Dem Council decided to sell-off the building earmarked as their new community centre.The councils resources committee agreed to place Alexandra Hall in Cromwell Place on the market after hearing it had become surplus to requirements. The hall had been used by social services as a day centre for elderly dementia patients before they were transferred to Barnes Hospital. Now the Liberal Democrat council wants to recoup money from the site by placing it on the open market, to the anger of residents who have fought a long and bitter campaign to have the needs of their ward recognised. The Mortlake 2000 report, commissioned by Richmond Council for Voluntary Services (CVS), revealed a shocking level of deprivation in the Liberal Democrat neighbourhood. It pinpointed a need for a community centre within the town to act as a focal point for residents and to provide much needed social facilities.

    Child's removal by Lib-Dem Social Services was an 'outrage' Lib-Dems, Liberal Democrat Political Party
    First published on Friday 03 November 2000:
    Black child forcibly removed from the white foster family (Richmond Comet October 20).Colleagues are outraged that the Liberal Democrat council has acted in this way, and ashamed that the Lib-Dem borough could do this to a small child and a family just trying their best to help. Everyone is appalled that not only would social services tear a child away from the only real family it has ever known but also, that they would threaten the family with jail if they spoke out.

    Lib-Dem Council 'failed' in inspections Lib-Dems, Liberal Democrat Political Party
    First published on Thursday 05 October 2000:
    Liberal Democrat Richmond Council's inspection and registration unit has been rapped by the Social Services Inspectorate (SSI) for its failure to conduct adequate inspections at old peoples' homes in the borough. The SSI was highly critical of the unit's failure to complete many of its statutory inspections of Liberal Democrat council controlled and independent residential homes in Richmond.

    Investigation into adoption controversy in Liberal Democrat Richmond Lib-Dems, Liberal Democrat Political Party
    First published on Monday 30 October 2000:
    There is to be an internal investigation into the way Liberal Democrat Richmond Council handled a controversial adoption battle earlier this month. The decision, which related to the council's refusal to allow white foster parents to adopt a black child in their care. (Reported on last week's front page) The Conservative group called for an independent inspection into the actions of the Liberal Democrat social services department by a judge. Leader of the Conservative group, Councillor Tony Arbour said: "We need the decision of an independent judge... " He said: "The actions of the social services department have brought this council into disrepute..." But this was voted down by the ruling Liberal Democrats.Councillors were heavily gagged at the meeting about what could be said about the case. Subject of an earlier blanket injunction insisted on by the Liberal Democrat council but which has now been partially lifted after being challenged by the press.

    Homes report blasts Lib-Dem council Lib-Dems, Liberal Democrat Political Party
    First published on Friday 29 September 2000:
    The Social Services Inspectorate has savaged Liberal Democrat Richmond Council's inspection and registration unit for failing to carry out adequate inspections on old peoples' homes in the borough. The SSI inspected the unit in March and was highly critical of its failure to complete many inspections of Lib Dem council controlled and independent residential homes in the borough. And it found that the unit failed to take strong action against home managers who failed to adequately look after their elderly residents.

    Financial crisis hits the Lib-Dem council Lib-Dems, Liberal Democrat Political Party
    First published on Friday 14 July 2000:
    Council deputy leader Councillor Serge Lourie announced on Monday that the council was already £1.5 million over budget and its reserves have sunk to £1.3 million - enough to keep services running for just three days.The shock announcement at a resources committee meeting has provoked alarm among the borough's voluntary groups and fury among the council's critics who have accused the Liberal Democrat administration of financial incompetence. Community groups that represent the interests of the elderly and those who rely on social services reacted with concern to the likely cuts.Conservative group leader Councillor Tony Arbour attacked the council for failing to notice such a serious shortfall in its budget at an earlier date. He said: "This is the second successive year that the council has said it will try to put more money into its balances. "With the sum of balances now indicated we have only three days expenditure."The leader of the Labour group, Councillor Michael Gold, echoed his criticisms

    Concern at Liberal Democrat cuts to elderly and disabled Lib-Dems, Liberal Democrat Political Party
    First published on Friday 29 September 2000:
    Services for the elderly and disabled are set to undergo a radical shake-up under proposals to slash £1.8 million from the social services budget as the Liberal Democrat council battles to make £6.5 million savings. The proposals have provoked widespread concern among voluntary groups which fear the changes will place existing services under increasing pressure and will lead to the introduction of stricter eligibility criteria for residents requiring day-to-day care. A package of proposals was presented to the council's social services committee on Tuesday, including significant reductions on the budget for home care and funding for the residential care of people with learning disabilities. Conservative group leader Tony Arbour criticised the Liberal Democrat council for penalising some of the most vulnerable groups in the borough. Cuts in the day centre services and residential for people with learning disabilities also came under attack. Many people with learning disabilities attend centres outside the borough, which have the facilities to cater for their needs. Ron Franklin said: "Richmond does not have the facilities for people with learning disabilities. "You have to have the facilities in the borough otherwise there is going to be a shortfall in care."

    Why are the Lib Dems closing us down?
    First published on Saturday 30 January 1999:
    The closure of Mortlake CRC, a Day Service for adults with learning disabilities. Just before Christmas we all had a meeting with two people from Social Services. They talked to us about money. They said there is not any money to keep this place open. We don't understand everything they said about cutbacks but we all feel very sad that we might have to leave Mortlake.One question that most of us ask is why are they doing this to us? Why don't they tell us everything? We have set up a good day centre. We have got to know our local community. We have made our centre look nice with artwork and decorating. We have dancing, drama, singing, art, music, computers, cooking. We have meals together from the Mortlake bakery. Some of us have jobs here which we'd lose. We go out together on our minibus. But most importantly we have made lots of friends. We are worried about where we will go. We do not want another big change in our lives. What can we do to keep this place open? We all want to fight to save it from closing down. We have tried to say in our own words why we are upset and unhappy.

    HOME CARE STRIKE FEAR - Fat Cat Liberal Democrat Councillors
    First published on Saturday 03 October 1998:
    Home care workers who visit elderly and vulnerable Richmond residents in their own homes are threatening industrial action in protest against changes to the way they work. And public service union UNISON this week claimed the scanner sheets cause anxiety and confusion to many clients, providing a constant reminder about the money now pouring through their fingers for the service."UNISON branch secretary Steve Cowan said: "We totally oppose the commercialisation of this vital local social service to the elderly. Most people assume that the Council Tax they pay goes towards such services and they are horrified to learn that money is spent instead on Liberal Democrat fat-cat payments to dodgy consultants."

    Lib-Dem Richmond shuts another Pensioners day centre.
    First published on Saturday 31 October 1998:
    In a bid to save yet more money, cash-strapped Liberal Democrat Richmond Council is proposing the merger of two old people's day centres. Many pensioners suffering from dementia will face the upheaval next April as services at Alexandra Hall in Mortlake are transferred to Barnes Green Day Centre. Liberal Democrat Richmond Council, which is facing a multi-million pound budget squeeze, predicts a saving of more than £30,000 a year when the Mortlake centre shuts its doors. One of the biggest fears among the elderly at the centre is lack of space when the two centres merge. They fear more active pensioners could be squeezed out next April.Since retaining power in May's local elections, Richmond Council's ruling Liberal Democrats have closed two day centres for the elderly, Meadows Hall and St Luke's in Kew.

    Lib-Dems want to shut our schools, sell off old folks homes, cut housing .....and raise council tax!
    First published on Saturday 19 September 1998:
    Liberal Democrat Richmond Council's dash for cash gathered pace on Wednesday night as members of the borough's housing committee discussed the first step of a plan to let private firms take over the running of its housing stock.Opposition councillors put the brakes on the privatisation, but it could still be approved at a special full Liberal Democrat council meeting next week. The controversial housing proposal was just the latest in a series of cost-cutting measures considered in the four months since the ruling Liberal Democrat group retained control at May's elections.

    Liberal Democrats guilty of "financial desperation" and "political incompetence".
    19 September 1998:
    Only £3 million, enough money to run the Liberal Democrat council for just two days, is now left in the reserves, despite claims in the Lib-Dems' election manifesto that they had "mastered the art of making a little money go a long way" and "protecting front line services". Over the past few months Richmond Council has also voted to shut Christ's School, close both Richmond Under Five's Centre and the Family Centre in Twickenham, and stop funding Meadows Hall day centre for pensioners.
    Mr Arbour claimed the Lib-Dem plan to let outside organisations run council housing stock smacked of Liberal Democrat "financial desperation" and "political incompetence".

    Service cuts by Lib Democrat council will hit our most vulnerable hardest First published on Saturday 12 December 1998:
    I become worried when people like Liberal Democrat `Super Director' Peter Wilson state Social Services spending is "no longer tenable". Whether it is tenable or not is to be determined by our elected representatives in accordance with their priorities, not officers, however powerful they may be! Statements such as this makes one wonder who actually runs the council.The Liberal Democrat council claims, in its Strategy, that it will "protect the disadvantaged". Yet the cuts it has made and planning to make appear to be aimed at just the people it seeks to protect, the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people in the borough. Closure of day centres for the elderly, closure of the hot meals service, removal of the Monetary Rewards Scheme for the mentally handicapped, cuts in their employment service, closure of Mortlake Community Resource Centre, resources of Strathmore School for those with severe learning difficulties also appear to be under attack."The mentally handicapped, by the very nature of their condition, are probably the most disadvantaged group of people - they are totally dependent on society for their well-being". It is inhumane to discriminate them because of this.

    Lib-Dem 'DIY' meals on wheels plan to save money. Lib-Dems, Liberal Democrat Political Party
    First published on Saturday 15 August 1998:
    Pensioners will now have to cook their own meals on wheels thanks to a new Liberal Democrat council cash saving scheme. Instead of having meals delivered pensioners will now be given microwave meals they can heat up themselves. Many elderly are afraid of microwaves.

    Liberal DemocratsFrom our Lib-Dem Council 'Mole in the Hole' Lib-Dems, Liberal Democrat Political Party
    Many areas of Lib Dem Richmond's management found lacking by a recent Benefits Office investigation. They found "significant weaknesses". "lack of procedures". "poor verification". "no internal quality control". "no training strategies". "lack of proper appeals procedures". "staff kept ignorant". And, as usual the mismanaged Lib-Dem's "accounting processes have significant scope for improvement". All key issues were lacking. Our Liberal Democrats have promised (as usual) to put it all okay and not be naughty again. "Ahem".

    Liberal Democrat Politics MORE from our Liberal Democrat Cllr 'Mole in the Hole'
    Social Services have been struggling and failing to recruit, train or retain social workers for over TWO YEARS. In particular social work practice team workers. Most existing workers lack the skills and qualifications needed to perform their job, with poor wages and conditions failing to attract new professionals. (We are also told that many senior staff have recently dumped the department and moved to better pay and treatment elsewhere.)


    social care

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