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This is a different feature of the Herbal Encyclopedia. As you cannot effectively heal the body without also healing the spirit, I thought this may be a good way to get some of you focused on how to achieve spiritual health for yourself. This is not, I repeat NOT, a religions forum. I will not post thoughts that are strictly for or against any religion. I will not focus on any organized religion at all, other than to possibly credit where certain spiritual thoughts and wisdoms may have derived from.

I do not preach, here nor in real life. That is not my calling. Rather, my work is to heal body and spirit, as a complete package. And this means helping everyone, in whatever way I can, to find their own unique spiritual path to enlightenment. This does not always mean a religion, by the way. It can be something as simple as opening your eyes to that which surrounds you day in and day out. Each person on Mother Earth is an individual, and our spirituality should reflect our own inner self. Each spiritual path should reflect that which enhances us, soothes us, helps us to grow. It should not be words that we recite week after week without care or meaning or real understanding, and it should not be a Path which is chosen for us by those who do not know, nor care to know, that which dwells within each of us.

Each week or so, as time in my schedule permits, I will post a different spiritual thought. It may be a prayer, a working, a meditation, or just a few lines to make you think. Whatever is posted, it will be something to help you on your way to spiritual healing, so that your herbal treatments (and/or synthetic ones!) have the best affect possible for your life. Enjoy!

Thought of the Week

Think thoughts and speak words of your health, your wholeness, both physical and spiritual. Allow those thoughts to be foremost in your mind at least once per day. Think about the things that you do that contribute to your spiritual and physical health. Think of the things you can do to improve both. Hold those thoughts as your vision, your goal, for yourself as you move towards a better you. Fill your mind with the love of yourself, and allow that love to affect all that you do in a day. Doing so will increase your happiness, and increase the happiness of those around you, as you infect them with your own enthusiasm for living life to its fullest on a daily basis. As you pray each day, visualize healing and good health flowing through your body and soul, and the rewards will keep you happy and healthy all the days of your life.

Last Week's Spiritual Thought

Are you familiar with the old saying "If you love someone, set them free"? Have you ever considered how that saying may apply to yourself?
If you love yourself, you learn to set yourself free. Set free your creativity, your desires, your dreams, your wishes. Set yourself free to see the world around you with a fresh outlook through open eyes. Set yourself free to think about the world in your own way, rather than through the words and thoughts of others. Set yourself free to do all the things you keep putting off for one empty reason or another. Set yourself free to become the person that dwells deep within you. After all, you love yourself, don't you?!

Two Previous Spiritual Thoughts

Happy Holidays! This is the time when our focus should be on our family and our community. We should not focus on the differences between peoples, but on the similarities. We should find common ground and enjoy the spirit of the season. The spirit of this time of year is of faith, hope, love, and life affirmation. These ideals transcend all religions, all boundaries.

Doubt indulged soon becomes doubt realized.
Frances Ridley Havergal

The recent events that have occurred in our fine country have brought more people to a point in their lives where they are looking much closer at their personal spirituality. Never before now has there been such a need for Faith, Hope, and Charity.
Regardless of your religious beliefs, regardless of your political affiliations, now is the time to cast aside prejudices, hatred, anger, and all of those destructive traits we humans can harbor so well, and work together as One Nation, as we were always intended to do. Unite, Americans! Don't bow to terrorism by fighting amongst ourselves. Don't bow to terrorism by forgetting our basic fundamental building blocks. Don't give terrorism a toehold on the mountain that is America. Or any other country, for that matter.

All over the world there is oppression, war, division, dissention, political and religious strife. Now is the time for all humans to rise above, to become the people we can be. Reach out to your neighbor. Reach out to your people. Reach out to other peoples in other countries. Let us truly live in our Creator's image, and embrace each and every human who has suffered, regardless of race, religion, color, etc. Let us stand tall and united, as a human race, against those who welcome darkness into their lives. Let us rise above, become a better people than we have ever been, while standing firm in our resolve not to let anyone take away our basic human rights as those who would do so wrap themselves in the cloak of greed and power.
Let us pray that all leaders of all nations continue to think and act with cool heads, with resolve and a firm hand, and yet with the compassion needed to complete the tasks ahead of us all.
Let us pray that all the peoples of the world can set aside differences, start looking at the similarities, and work together to stamp out the disease of terrorism.
Let us pray for all who have been lost, all who will be lost, and the lives that each has touched and will touch.
Let us pray that all Americans will set an excellent example for the rest of the world of how to show grace and unity under pressure.
Let us pray that all military personnel be treated with respect and given the support from all of us that they will need to get through the dark times ahead.
And let us pray that our great Creator watch over all, and bless and keep safe those innocents who gave their lives.

'People have illness because they do not have love in their life and are not cherished' Sun Simiao

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