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Welcome to The Herbal Encyclopedia! I hope that this site can answer some of your herbal healing questions, and other questions you may have regarding medicinal herbs and their many uses.


This site is not meant to be a substitute for seeking the advice of a qualified physician or health professional, and the information given within is not meant to replace prescription medicines without the proper guidance. This information is given for educational purposes only. I make no claims as to the ability of herbs to cure you of every ailment known to man. That said, I will state here that I use these herbs, and have had no ill affects from their proper use - note I said proper use - but that is just me speaking for me. I have been trained in the use of herbs: I am a nationally certified Naturopath (ND). You should be trained at some level, too, or following the advice of a qualified professional caregiver. PLEASE seek guidance if you do not know how to use these herbs properly!! I will not be held responsible for the improper ingestion or other improper uses of herbs. This information is posted here for educational purposes, and is not intended to diagnose nor prescribe. Void where prohibited by law (and shame on you backward states that force me to add such a statement!). If there is no one who can teach you the use of herbs, I suggest you check the "References" page I have (see Index page for link) and choose a book or two and start studying! Or visit your local health food store, and ask for someone who can guide you to someone in your area who can teach you or work with you. There are a lot of good herbal correspondence courses out there as well. You can find several good ones with your favorite search engine. PLEASE pay careful attention to those herbs that I have noted as having a poisonous nature, and those that should not be ingested by pregnant or nursing women. PLEASE NOTE: The pages within this site contain copyrighted material. Please do not "borrow" ANY of the information on any of these pages without my written permission!! To do otherwise is copyright infringement, and legal action may be sought to protect my rights as an author. Please follow the "Web Guard" link below for more information on copyright infringement on the Net. Sorry to have to be so blunt, but after finding all the various copies on the Net that claimed to be from somewhere other than here, and the bootleg print versions, and considering that I make my part of my living with herbs and the articles and books I write about them, I have to state this to protect myself. I also have to state this to protect all the various professionals that have used me and my herbal materials as a reference in their own printed, copyrighted materials. This is the ORIGINAL Herbal Encyclopedia, folks! Yes, you have probably seen my work plastered all over the Net, on many Herbal, Pagan, and other sites, only you didn't know it was mine, because those that "borrow" from here nearly always forget to let you all know where they found this material in the first place. Well, this is where all those little copies came from to start with. This site has been here for over 6 years now. And I have the training to back up my herbal information, along with 17+ years of practical experience. Please also note that I DO NOT sell medicinal herbs or herbal combinations to the general public. I do not promote in any way any particular company's herbal products. I do not recommend dosages on these pages, as that is dependent upon what is being treated, your body weight, and your age, amongst other important factors such as medical history. One dose does not fit all!! I do advocate using a proper healthy diet along with herbal treatments, as many diets are inadequate, or may cause or aggravate a condition, or may interfere with the herbs ingested. Also pay close attention to your exercise levels! A sedentary body heals very slowly, and lack of exercise contributes to many illnesses. Always keep in mind that you cannot heal the body without also healing the spirit. I do not mind answering questions you may have regarding herbal healing or other uses of herbs, however, I regretfully do not have the time to complete research for college or school papers for you, and unless you wish to become a patient, I can't recommend specific courses of action without knowing a great deal about you and your condition (see above); herbal medicine is not a guessing game; therefore I can only answer with generalities for most of you. I do not have pictures here for several reasons. First, I wanted this to be a quick reference, meaning short download times and covering the most common herbs. Second, if you do not know what you are doing with wild plants, it is best that you buy your herbs commercially from a reputable source, rather than poison yourself or someone else with a plant that looks similar to a healing herb. Don't take chances!! It also eases the demands on our wild native plants, many of which are threatened or near extinction in the wild due to overharvesting, by purchasing commercially raised herbs. If you are growing your own medicinal plants, please remember to label your plants carefully, so as to avoid confusion in later years. I have included information for growing conditions of the most popular herbs for those of you who wish to cultivate your own healing gardens. The herbs listed in this Encyclopedia have a myriad of uses the world over. This listing is by no means a complete one, but it can help you with quick references when needed. Here I will list just the most common herbs and the uses of each. Obviously, most of these herbs have a much longer list of uses, and there are thousands of healing herbs around the world, but this is meant to be QUICK! and I have yet to find a specific source in my own studies that covered every herb known to man. My book and others can give you more complete information on each herb listed here. This is not an extensive listing of Chinese or Ayurvedic herbs; while I often work with these in my clinic, there are other web sites with extensive information as to these items and I see no reason to duplicate those efforts.


Copyright 1996-2002 Rev. Dr. Waltz, ND, DD, CNC
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