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Tabebuia spp.
MEDICINAL: Also known as Pau d' Arco. Taheebo is found in South America. It is a powerful herb with antibiotic and virus-killing properties. It gives the body the energy needed to defend itself and to help resist diseases. It is used in South America to battle cancer and leukemia. It is useful in aiding all chronic diseases.


Artemisia dracunculus
MEDICINAL: A mild infusion is used to treat insomnia and hyperactivity. It stimulates that appetite and aids in digestion.

GROWING: Tarragon is a perennial shrub growing to 2 feet high that likes dry areas, full sun, and is found in comparable climates in many places in the world.


Thymus spp.
MEDICINAL: Thyme is a powerful antiseptic. It is used in cases of anemia, bronchial ailments, and intestinal disturbances. It is used as an antiseptic against tooth decay, and destroys fungal infections as in athlete's foot and skin parasites such as crabs and lice. It is good for colic, flatulence, and colds.

RELIGIOUS: Thyme is burnt to purge and fumigate magickal rooms and spaces, as well as to bring good health. Thyme in a sleeping pillow repels nightmares.

GROWING: Thyme is a perennial that loves warm, sunny fields, and is found throughout North America. It grows to 15 inches tall, and makes an excellent ground cover on dry slopes. Trim it back after flowering to prevent it from becoming woody.

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