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Legal Resouces: disabilityuk.com
Casetrack disabilityuk.com
Fully comprehensive site of online court judgments available free to a named individual within Academic Institutions, Charitable Organisations (excluding Publishers) and Advice Centres providing he or she obeys the terms and conditions. Need to register for this service.
Commissioner s Decisions disabilityuk.com
Lists of decisions, commentary on issues, links, as well as many decisions to download.
The Court Service disabilityuk.com
For benefit case law - commissioner's decisions (starred and reported) and a selection of court of appeal decisions. For full selection see Casetrack.
European Court of Justice disabilityuk.com
Online Court decisions.
European Justice Organisation disabilityuk.com
Provide help and advice links on a wide variety of issues including benefits, immigration, accidents and injuries.
Guide to Legal Resources in Britain and Northern Ireland disabilityuk.com
Has links to legal advice on a wide range of subjects, including benefits.
House of Commons disabilityuk.com
For government bills and Hansard.
House of Lords Judgments
Online text
Justask disabilityuk.com
This site enables people to find local solicitors and other legal information. Useful if you need "Legal Help" (what used to be Legal Aid).
Legal Services Commission disabilityuk.com

New executive non-departmental public body created under the Access to Justice Act 1999 to develop and administer the Community Legal Service (legal help), which replaced the old civil scheme of legal aid.

The Scottish Legal Aid Board  disabilityuk.com

The Scottish Legal Aid Board website provides information for the public and legal profession about legal aid and the Scottish Legal Aid Board. The best way to view it is via the site map.

Immigration and related Issues: disabilityuk.com
Electronic Immigration Network disabilityuk.com
A subscription site but it does have a very large number of free links to other organisations.
Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants disabilityuk.com
Online fact sheets available including one which is a guide to benefits available and another which lists a large number of contact addresses and numbers.
Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner disabilityuk.com
The remit of the Office is to ensure that persons seeking immigration advice and immigration services are treated fairly, honestly and receive competent fit advice. This is to be achieved through the introduction of regulatory measures and by promoting and encouraging good practice within the advice sector. You can download guidance from this web site. disabilityuk.com

MORE Immigration advice Misc Resources:

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