The Weather Window

Animated Weather Pictures from BBC and Eumetsat

The following sites are well worth a visit particularly if you like to keep up with what the weather is doing. A couple of points to note are that it may take some time for the pictures to download, this being dependant on such things as speed of connection and servers possibly being busy at certain times.

The BBC site, generally not too slow but you have to wait a bit for the 'slides' to download. This page shows the rainfall radar sequence for the past 6 hours or so for the whole of the U.K. There are other interesting weather related pages on the site. When the page has fully loaded the play button will become functional - just hit it.

The Eumetsat site is a good site but can sometimes be difficult to access, plus the framesets they use on the site are slow consequently there can be a wait before the selection page is displayed properly. The link on the left should take you directly to the satellite picture selection page. Also depending on what you pick, the download time will vary anywhere from less than a minute to sometimes over an hour for the 24 hour animation sequences when the web is busy, at anything like a decent web speed though even the 24 hour colour sequences should download in under 10 minutes. Normally it's pretty good though. The sequences now have to be download to disk and played in a media player instead of auto running in the browser as they used to. The average file size for the 24hr animation is ~ 1.9 Mb, so watch your disk space if you are running low as a weeks worth would take up about 14Mb of disk space if you start collecting them.
Tip: Any problems go straight to the main page on the site by clicking on this Eumetsat link. When the lead in page downloads click the bottom button on the left side of the page to go directly to the satellite sequence selection page and pick what you want.

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