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Tennis ball graphicCarb graphicSmall garage, big car? Problems reversing your car in? Well try this tip.
Using an old tennis ball or similar and a piece of string, suspend the ball from the ceiling in such a way so that it makes contact with the centre of the rear window of the car when it is parked in its correct position. Now all you have to do is reverse the car in until the ball makes contact with the rear window. This will enable you to park the car to within one inch with a little practice.

Rear lights.

Cary graphic It can be quite difficult particularly in daylight to check weather or not the rear lamps are working correctly, especially the brake, reversing, and rear fog lights. A simple solution to this is to strategically position an old mirror enabling you to see the rear lamp clusters from the driving seat either by looking through the drivers door window or the rear window. For the rear window, mounting a long mirror or mirrors on the rear wall at an appropriate angle and height should do the trick. Now every time you start your car you can check all your lights are working before you leave your garage with no assistance. Most average people normally find it extremely difficult to have one foot on the break pedal and stretch their heads round to the rear of the vehicle to have a look without severe neck modifications which are both expensive and un - necessary.
Making sure your lights are working correctly obviously makes for a safer motor vehicle and can cut your journey time down by avoiding being stopped by a nice traffic policeman whom usually has better or more urgent things to do.
Please send any money saved by not accumulating vehicle fines to this web site where it will be put to good use. Thank you.

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