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Remote graphic T.V graphic Hifi graphic Save £££'s on repairs or replacement of remote controls. You may not realise that over 95% of problems with these is caused directly by ingress of liquids or moisture.

The most common causes of this are accidental spillage's, be it tea, coffee, orange juice, even the odd gin & tonic, also damp or sticky fingers - particularly of the "little variety".

The damage may well not be immediately apparent, it can sometimes take weeks to show up in the form of various malfunctions i.e. no operation at all or intermittent operation of some keys, flattening of batteries and other such gremlins.

This is usually followed by an expensive visit to the local shop for a repair or even a replacement unit, particularly if by then internal corrosion has set in which is extremely common. Only then will you find out if the unit is still current and / or parts are still available for it, and how long you may be without it. In certain cases this causes a further inconvenience, as a large amount of equipment cannot be operated properly or even at all without the correct remote control these days.

All of this in most cases can be avoided simply by gently wrapping the control up in cling film or transparent plastic bag, but not tightly so as not to apply pressure to any buttons. The writing on the remote control should still be visible through the covering and will now last longer as well. Replace the covering as required.

For the cost of a fraction of a penny it's well worth it as some hi - tech remote controls cost well over £100 or more these days.

Always keep it in a safe place away from heat and direct sunlight, remember that if it gets jammed in seating or between cushions the buttons may be pressed causing the batteries to go flat. Excessive pressure on the buttons or casing can also cause the internal circuit board to fracture, in most cases beyond repair. Remote controls are delicate pieces of electronics just like your p.c. keyboard, they don't like being banged, dropped, sat, or stood on. Oh' and by the way, don't let the dog chew it either.

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