Handy Household Tips

Suede shoes.

Suede Shoe graphicTo clean dust off suede shoes, do not use the wire brush. Simply use some sticking tape, or masking tape is ideal. Just place the tape over the shoe and remove. The dust will stick to the tape and come away cleanly, leaving a clean shoe. Excessive use of wire brushes will cause "bald" patches, and make the shoe look old prematurely.

Cleaning grout in tiled surfaces.

Lemons graphicA quick method of doing this is to use a mixture of lemon juice and hot water. Approximately 50 percent mixture. Simply scrub the mixture into the grouting using a toothbrush and rub off using a clean cloth.

Travelling tip.

Ball graphicAlways put a squash ball in your suitcase when travelling, particularly abroad. In some hotels and various foreign countries the luxury of a plug for the bath is often omitted. You will find that a squash ball is capable of substituting the bath plug in over 90 percent of cases enabling you the luxury of a bath. The density of the balls is such that they will not float but can easily be removed when required. This is always assuming that you have the luxury of water in the first place of course.

Static on TV screens.

Tv graphicUsing a cloth simply apply a liquid fabric softener to the screen surface. Repeat when necessary. Never let any liquid run down the screen as it may go inside when it reaches the bottom and cause damage to the circuitry inside.


Wasp graphic To trap wasps an old jam jar comes in very handy. Put some ginger syrup mixed
with some washing up liquid in the jar to about half way up. Place the jar in the area
you wish to trap the wasps and just wait. The wasps will be attracted to the mixture.
The washing up liquid acts to reduce surface tension so ensuring that they cannot
get out. Empty and replenish the jar as necessary.

Wine stains.

Wineglass graphic For fresh wine stains while still wet, soak with soda water and dry with a clean dry
cloth. (Old restaurant trick). For other wine stains in clothing, stretch the affected
area over a bowl and sprinkle with salt, and then pour boiling water over it. This is
very effective. Make sure first however that the fabric and the bowl can withstand
boiling water.


Talcum powder is very effective against these. It is also relatively harmless. Sprinkle the powder in the area that they are in. This drives them away because it absorbs moisture without which they do not like. Problem solved.

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