Handy Household Tips


Bug graphic Some people have allergies to these. One of the worst places for them to be is inside a pillow. If this is the case a simple solution is to take the pillow and place it in a tumble dryer on high for about 20 minutes.
Exposure to the high temperature will kill all of them. This also works for with children's teddy bears as well.

Net curtain-cleaning tip.

Net curtains can be tricky and time consuming to take down and put up again when it comes to cleaning. Instead of using conventional fixings, fit some white Velcro strip to the top of the curtain, the other part of the Velcro strip being fastened to for e.g. the top of the window frame. This enables the curtains to be removed and fitted in seconds.

Wallpaper and painting tip.

When using a bucket of paste or paint, tie a piece of string between the handle supports. This can be used to support the bristles of the brush, the handle resting on the rim. Not only does this give you somewhere to put the brush any paint or paste will drip back into the bucket and not make a mess. The string can also be used to wipe off any excess paint or paste from the brush, which will also drop back into the bucket.When using a pasteboard clean off any excess paste afterwards by using a plastic scraper or similar before wiping down with a cloth. This removes a lot of excess paste that would otherwise end up in a rather messy cloth.
Alternatively cover the board with a plastic sheet or disposable plastic tablecloth or similar which can then simply be folded up and disposed of.

Garden peas.

Pea graphic To keep garden peas out of the pod looking fresh and beautifully green simply soak them over-night in a bucket of water with some ordinary baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) mixed in. An old trick used in many restaurants.

Garden slugs.

Garden slugs can be caught in the following manner.
Cut two large windows in the top half of a used yoghurt pot or similar and place on the ground. Fill the bottom of the pot with beer. The slugs will be attracted to the beer and will go inside. They will end up at the bottom of the pot in a very happy condition, however that is where they will remain so that you may dispose of them as you wish.


To assist removing a splinter from a finger, place an ice cube on to the area. This will help to reduce swelling and numb the pain, making removal much easier.

Heat stains on stainless steel.

Stainless steel surfaces that get hot such as an electric toaster can get stained very easily if they come into contact with something when they are hot, such as a plastic bag for example. Stains like these can be removed very easily by rubbing with nail varnish remover.

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