Handy Household Tips

Furniture marks on carpets.

To remove the indentation marks left by heavy furniture on carpet simply place some ice cubes on top of the indentation area, wait until about half of the ice cubes have melted, about 5 minutes in average temperature.
Remove the remaining ice then using a stiff brush simply fluff up the carpet pile so that it looks normal and leave to dry naturally. For short pile carpets a stiff nylon fingernail brush is ideal.
The action of the combination of cold and moisture on the carpet has the effect of refreshing the fibres of the pile in the carpet and works very well on most.


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Cats and garbage bags. Cat graphic

To stop cats from ripping open garbage bags, sprinkle them with a little malt vinegar or pepper. Cats do not like either of these smells.

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Keeping pets off furniture.

To keep pets off chairs and tables cover the seats and tabletop with aluminium foil. Most household pets do not like the sound it makes when they walk on it or the feel of the texture under foot. To stop pets scratching furniture, place some orange or lemon peel around the area. Alternatively rub the peel on to the surface. Cats and dogs do not like the smell of citrus fruits.

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Condensation on mirrors.

To prevent this from happening simply wipe down the mirror with a damp cloth with a spot of washing up liquid on it and let dry naturally. The mirror should remain clear for up to 6 weeks. Not only does this work with household mirrors it will also greatly assist with internal rear view mirrors in cars and also when applied to the inside of a car windscreen has a very good effect. Taxi drivers have been doing this for years especially in winter months.

Condensation on windows. Condensation graphic

For household windows that suffer from condensation, treat with a potato cut in half. Simply rub the cut half of the potato across the surface of the window and then buff off. This greatly prevents it from happening.

See also Windows & Mirrors.

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