Handy Household Tips

Easy air freshening.

Using an aerosol of furniture polish simply spray the polish behind central heating radiators. The combination of heat and convection will rapidly disperse the perfume throughout the room and will continue to do so for some time. As an alternative, wipe down the radiator with a cloth moistened with a fabric conditioner. This has the same effect.

Baby shampoo tip.

Stand the bottle of baby shampoo in the bath water for a few minutes before using. This will bring the bottle up to temperature so that when it is applied it will not give the baby a temperature shock. It may also lead to a quiet bath time.

Curly bacon.

To prevent bacon from curling up when grilling, make some small slits around the edges with a pair of scissors. The bacon should remain flat and cook easily.

Bacon graphic

Scrambling eggs.

A handy tip for scrambling eggs is to use an old jam jar. Simply crack the eggs into a clean jam jar secure the top and shake well. The eggs will be ready in seconds with no mess. Not only a handy tip for the kitchen but is very good when camping as well.

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