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Dangerous one this. Maybe you know somebody, maybe even yourself, who goes round and un - plugs equipment during a thunder storm. Well don't. It is an extremely dangerous thing to do particularly if the piece of equipment is connected to an external aerial such as a T.V. set or a radio receiver. Most people do not realise that a very high static charge can quickly build up on the aerial and cable even when the storm may be over 10 miles or so away and you just hear the first crack of thunder. This charge can be so strong as to throw a person across a room or even worse with obvious consequences. The best way to deal with this is to leave well alone and keep well clear of equipment.
Remember if the equipment gets damaged it is replaceable, You however are not. Your equipment will very possibly be insured for such an event anyway, and even if you are covered as well it won't do you any good at all if you're dead.
So remember the golden rule. If there's thunder about don't touch it, leave well alone and stay safe.

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