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Community Care Rights Project - The Community Care Rights project is a service for all people with learning disabilities, their families, carers or people who work with them.
La Bella Italia Hotels and Travel
Bella Italia. . .a wonderful land of history, art, wines, food and friendly, fun loving people. It's no wonder Italy is an all-time favorite for so many around the world.
Jenny Jacklin's Disability Discrimination Web Pages 
The site puts up a case for stronger UK legislation to prevent discrimination against the disabled. It claims that many disabled are not covered by the 1995 Act and that this issue should become one of civil rights
3H Fund - A UK charity that provide subsidised group holidays for disabled people. Their site has details of holidays available and how people can help raise funds.
Disabled Data Link Group - Advice and support group open to the disabled around the world, but particularly helpful to those living in the UK. The group provides services including companionship, info on disability aids, motoring help, rights of the disabled.
Disability Discrimination Act - Official explanation of the 1996 UK law aimed at ending discrimination against disabled people, in work, access to goods and services and acquiring or renting property.
DISinHE - Stands for Disability Information Systems in Higher Education. A directory of organisations and companies providing services and products for disabled students in the UK.
Phab - The name stands for Physically Handicapped and Able Bodied. Though it's now considered polite to say "disabled" instead of "handicapped", this organisation sticks to the easy-to-say Phab. What do they do? Encourage the disabled and the fully-fit to get together for (e.g.) activity hols.
UK Scuba - Dogfish Divers (BSAC 2127) - Branch for blind and visually impaired.
Abuse of the Disabled - Get the facts at this informative site, plus find useful prevention advice.
Juvenile Justice - Learn how youth with disabilities are at higher risk for experiencing all forms of abuse.

International Coalition on Abuse and Disability - Subscribe to this electronic mail network and explore the topic of abuse and disability.
British Dyslexia Association - A list of resources such as publications, events, and dyslexia associations and support groups.
Disabled People's International - About the organisation's mission, member groups, and publications.
The National Alliance of The DisAbled - An online informational and advocacy organisation dedicated to working towards gaining equal rights for the disAbled in all areas of life.
Deaf World Web - A range of resources: deaf news, ASL dictionary online, deaf cyberkids, and others.
Family Village - Global network of resources for people with mental retardation and other disabilities, their families, caregivers and friends.
Down Syndrome WWW Page - Links to every aspect of this congenital disease.
Disability-Related Resources on the Web - An index of disability-related resources - U.S.A. oriented.   
National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities - Collection of articles, fact sheets and info for parenting children with a range of disabilities and developmental disorders.
Action Without Borders - Promotes the sharing of ideas, information and resources to help build a world where all people can live free, dignified and productive lives.
OutLook's Disability Web - Articles, books, stories, resources, and other areas.
World Association of Persons with Disabilities - This site has a newsletter, chat room, bulletin board, assistive device lab, and other areas.
Independent Living Spain Is a company which specialises in the Hire and Sale of Mobility, Disability and Child Care products to the individual, healthcare providers and to travel companies on the Costa del Sol.

OTHERS UK's national Further Education college for students with physical and/or sensory
disabilities. Works with adults who are visually impaired and have other disabilities to develop
independence and enhance the quality of their lives. Actively engaged in research on Juvenile Battens and other
diseases. Dedicated to serving those in Scotland with severe communication
difficulties, physical disabilities, and mobility problems

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