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Dyslexia gene identified.Disability News

Dyslexia affects eight percent of otherwise healthy children, leading to writing and reading impairment. Now, after studying a family in which dyslexia was common, the specific disorder source has been traced to one of the 23 chromosomes every child inherits from their parents.

As the language development areas of the brain in young children can be corrected if impaired, diagnosis and early cure could be possible by screening for this specific gene defect.

However, there is a word of caution. Children with dyslexia are forced to think a different way and as a result, often become geniuses. Throughout history many geniuses have evolved from dyslexia, Einstein being a classic example. Today many top professionals have emerged from a dyslexia gene defect. There is therefore the question of should we remove or tamper with the newly identified gene. Dr C-Vanci.

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Helping poor memory:World News

Scientists at BT have designed a computer system that could improve the lives of people suffering memory problems. Granny's little helper is a tiny palm size computer connected to small display screen on a pair of glasses, which automatically flashes up warnings and reminders. For instance, the computer would know whereabouts in the house you are at any time and give reminders accordingly, such as turning the oven on and off at a pre-set time. Linked to a hand held sensor, it would even remind you of a persons name each time you shook hands. Outdoors, satellite technology can remind you where you are and where to go.News on health and disability

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