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Kidsurfer Excellent kids resource from the National Children's Coalition. The lates information for kids and teens and where to go on the Web. Lots of prizes too.
Mania This is the place to come for all the latest comic book and related media news. Games, toys, TV, movies and animation. The X Files and Star Trek: Voyager are featured. Plenty going on and updated daily. The N64 games machine site for the latest tendo news, tips and tricks.
PlayStation Games Unofficial Play Station site with a mass of information on hardware and software available for the PSX. List of Playtation titles, news, reviews, hints, tips and cheats on the latest titles. Links to sites for Nintendo 64.
Video Game Strategies Comprehensive collection of video game hints, tricks, cheats, solutions and strategies for virtually every game. Also has it's own newsletter regularly on new tips.
Warner Online Warner Brothers Web site is full of lockbusting movies, cartoons, TV shows, and even the entire range of DC Comics. Packed with information, interactive games and things to do.
A 2 Z Science experiments, quizzes and Mensa style puzzles to test your kids brain. Plenty of fascinating facts about what cats see, feel, think and taste and other interesting information.
ArgoSphere Educational software company site, loads quick and loads of kids stuff to be amused for hours. Four sections of games and quizzes.
BU's Interactive WWW Games Collection of interactive web-games, played through the net. Highlight is the multi-player online game Hunt the Wumpus.
Crayola Crayola Crayons have been around since 1908. This great site will give hours of fun. Official site for Disney. Disney kids, Disney Family, the Disney Shop and links to other Disney sites. Something for everyone.
Disney Channel Popular satellite and cable TV station programme listings of favourite cartoons and information about the wacky presenters. Looks great but rather slow to load.
Disneyblast Disney site dedicated to kids. Packed full of all sorts of multimedia entertainment. Subscription fee, but free for one month.
Goosebumps Goosebumps books are the number one best-selling children's series of all time. This excellent Web site provides all Goosebumps fans with loads of info on the books, TV series, the fan club and background on the author.


Click Site for 13 to 18year olds, provides links from encouraging creativity to biorhythm, horoscope sites and Fun Page.  
Da Lordz GigWeb Find out what's happening in the Kingston upon Thames area of London. Colourful, simple and informative.
Knowhere Skateboarding Index of skateboarding locations in the UK. Site has all the essential information on the best places also amusing details of the attractions.
Redemption Run by students for students. Provides a relaxed environment, drinks promotions, special events and own DJ.
Techno Teen Advice Great online site run by teenagers. Very professional and extensive content.
The UK 250 site Web site has loads of trendy stuff for kids & teenagers alike. Well designed, intelligent, informative, cool and fun. Latest sounds, showbiz news, games, love tips and chat forum.


Barney Online Great multimedia site with Barney the dinosaur in educational and fun guises. Lots of QuickTime movies and Shockwave animation making the site fun and entertaining.
Dr Rabbit's No cavities Clubhouse This Web site is full of games, activities and links that promote healthy teeth. Story colouring books, fun snack time game called Tell the Tooth. Jungle game ­ a test of fruit and veg knowledge that'll keep you busy. Great fun.
I Spy Aimed at tots and younger children. There are simple pictures to start with and plenty of hints and tips. Based around colourful pictures guaranteed to keep your child's attention.
Little Bo-Peep Little Bo-Peep and her missing sheep. Click on any word and it's spoken aloud, words and punctuation marks are clickable for definitions and correct pronunciation. Great site for tots.
Puffin UK Explore the colourful rooms like the games room where you can take the Puffin Challenge. Or the screening room where you can check out all the latest Puffin TV and video.
Teletubbies Tele Tubby fans will be absorbed for hours here. Lots to do and play with.
Thomas the Tank Great educational resource for young and enquiring minds. Plenty of little doors to open and guessing games to play.
Beano Beantown There's plenty on this site for British kids. Children can help decide what to do next in illustrated, interactive stories with favourite characters from the Beano comic. Great fun.
World Village Billy Bear and his sister Sarah welcome to look around the great pre-school pages on this site. The Kidz part includes comics, puzzles, games, even a KIDZ Club you can join. For the technically minded young, there's help on setting up your own Web pages.

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