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Merry Christmas !Jingle Bells.Happy Birthday, if it's your birthday this week that is ! Merry Xmas.
This week the Sun is passing through the constellation of Suddenlyappearious in it's lower right top left hand quadrant and the Moon is hiding behind a cloud. This means that it will be a very good week for things that you haven't seen before or things that apparently come from nowhere all of a sudden like. Most people will be celebrating Christmas about this time of year also and there appears to be a few myths attached to all this. One of the biggest mythtorys of them all is this Farther Christmas guy or Santa as he is also known by, just one of apparently many aliases he uses in different parts of the world. This character seems to have existed for donkeys years down through the century's. His intentions seem to be good however but his methods are somewhat in doubt as they still baffle many people today, even top theorists and the like. So it's about time we sorted this mess out a bit. This chap has a habit of sneaking around during the hours of darkness usually between the night of the 24th and the morning of the 25th of December every year, wearing a long white beard and a red suit with a bobble hat which was apparently given to him by the coca cola company sometime in the last century. He gains entry to peoples homes and deposits gifts in the place, usually under things like Christmas trees or in peoples socks, even at the foot of your bed while you are asleep. It has often been reported that his preferred mode of transport is an old fashioned sleigh pulled by reindeer. If the truth be known he actually only uses this thing on ceremonial occasions, as it is totally impractical given his nocturnal activities, plus the lights on this thing weren't all that bright. All this stuff people tell about him just don't make sense and you couldn't get a modern day kid to believe this stuff either as they aren't as stupid as what we used to be these days. As for landing this sleigh thing on peoples roofs and gaining access to premises by going down chimneys, ... well ! Just analyze the situation. On a flat roof fine maybe, but most roofs have steep gradients making it virtually impossible as the thing could easily wobble off or at least sit at a 45 degree angle, which would cause all his prezzies to fall out onto the street below and as for the going down chimneys bit ,... well, have you seen the size of this fellow ? Not likely, besides which, most modern day buildings don't have chimneys as such these days. The best you get are these little tiny things that chuck out fumes from central heating systems and the like. Now try going down one of those things for a laugh, even if you succeed you just end up inside the business end of a boiler type thingy which is a heck of a job to get out of, not even the worlds finest magicians can do that one yet. So using common sense and modern day methods of looking at things what do we make of all this ? Well modern day theorists have come up with a few alternative suggestions that could fit the bill. How is it possible to accomplish all this ? The answers arrived at are somewhat startling. The fact that this has been going on for centuries implies that Santa could be a remaining member of a previously unknown long living race of people whom were in possession of technology far in advance of ours, or possibly an extra terrestrial person with the capabilities of teleportation or even time travel. Now this immediately puts a different light on things. It explains for a start how he can cover the whole world in just one 24 hour period. Anyone whom has ever seen star trek will be familiar with the transporter system. Now this device could be pre - programmed to split Farther Christmas into several Farther Christmas's and beam him in and out of several different locations simultaneously thus enabling him to accomplish his task with great ease. That and with the aid of a cloaking device explains how he can get in and out of peoples houses unnoticed and also without being detected by even the most sophisticated security and surveillance systems. So there we have it, that's how it's done at last and Farther Christmas will continue to come and go at will for the foreseeable future. The answer as to why he is the size that he is, is, people are so grateful for him doing his thing, they often leave glasses of milk and food, like mince pies for him to eat while he visits their premises, which he will never refuse just in case some people get the idea that he is ungrateful for their offerings, which of course he never is. All the best to you Santa, or whatever your name is, - I'll leave him some chocolate, a Christmas pudding and a can of beer to drink.
( for when he's off duty of course that is ).

Try not to do your shopping on Thursday this week as you may find that most shops will be shut for some reason or other. So shop later in the week to avoid disappointment.

This weeks prediction has been forecasted by the famous English astrologer: Jay Inglebell.All the best.

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You will be busy with all kinds of people during the middle of this week. Look forward to spending some time this weekend with loved ones. Make sure you haven't forgotten to buy something you may need this week or you may be inconvenienced. At work whomever has been causing you hassle will give it up and you will be on top again. Concentrate on your dreams this week as they will be very enlightening and you will be able to get a lot out of them.

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