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Almond. Oil and seeds.
Nerve tonic. Nutrient. Intestinal antiseptic.
Apple. Fruit.
Tonic. Laxative. Antiseptic. Digestive and Liver stimulant.
Anti rheumatic agent. Cholesterol level lowerer.
Apricot. Oil and fruit.
Nutrient. Immune stimulant. Laxative
Artichoke. Flower heads.
Bile and digestive stimulant. Laxative. Heart and liver tonic
Beetroot. Root.
Nutrient. Lymph tonic
Bilberry. Fruit. Leaves.
Tonic. Antiseptic. Astringent.
Bitter Orange. Fruit. Peel. Oil.
Tonic. Antiseptic. Sedative. Anti bacterial. Expectorant
Anti rheumatic agent. Anti inflammatory. Anti bacterial.
Liver decongestant
Carrot. Root. Leaves. Oil.
Nutrient. Tonic. Digestive tonic. Immune stimulant.
Celery. Seeds. Stems.
Anti rheumatic agent. Sedative. Antiseptic. Anti anaemic.
Chilli. Fruit.
Anti bacterial. Antiseptic. Circulation and Gastric stimulant.
Cinnamon. Twigs. Inner bark.
Tonic. Antiseptic. Oil - Anti bacterial. Anti fungi.
Cloves. Flower buds.
Antiseptic. Mild Anaesthetic
Coffee. Beans.
Stimulant. Anti narcotic.
Cucumber. Fruit.
Cleansing agent. Anti Uric acid agent.
Fig. Fruit.
Laxative. Nutrient.
Garlic. Bulb.
Antibiotic. Anti parasitic. Anti histamine. Anti thrombotic.
Expectorant. Reduces Cholesterol & Blood sugar levels.
Ginger. Root.
Antiseptic. Stimulant. Expectorant.
Grape. Leaves & fruit.
Anti inflammatory. Astringent. Bile & Liver stimulant.
Nerve & muscle tonic. Cleansing agent. Laxative.

Horseradish. Root.
Liver & digestive stimulant. Anti bacterial. Urinary antiseptic.
Leafs & stems.
Laxative. Antiseptic. Nerve tonic.
Fruit & Oil.
Antiseptic. Anti bacterial. Anti histamine.
Anti rheumatic. Anti inflammatory. Anti viral.
Cleansing agent. Beneficial to Heart & blood vessels.
Digestive stimulant. Analgesic. Mild sedative & laxative.
Nutmeg. Seed.
Digestive & appetite stimulant. Anti inflammatory.
Anti Depressant. Nerve tonic. Anti rheumatic.
Reduces Cholesterol levels. Anti thrombotic.
Olive. Fruit. Oil.
Laxative. Nutrient.
Onion. Bulb.
Anti bacterial. Anti inflammatory. Bile stimulant.
Expectorant. Lowers blood sugar.
Parsley. Seed. Roots. Leaves. Oil.
Anti rheumatic. Laxative. Expectorant. Tonic.
Stimulates menstrual flow.
Pear. Fruit.
Cleansing agent. Digestive stimulant. Laxative. Sedative.
Pineapple. Fruit.
Nutrient. Anti inflammatory. Digestive stimulant.
Potato. Tuber.
Nutrient. Digestive assistive.
Strawberry. Fruit. Leaves.
Cleansing agent. Laxative. Liver tonic.
Tomato. Fruit.
Digestive stimulant. Mild laxative.
Turnip. Root.
Tonic. Anti bacterial.
Walnut. Nut. Rind. Inner bark.
Anti inflammatory. Laxative. Reduces Cholesterol levels.
Watercress. Leaf. Stem.
Nutrient. Expectorant. Lowers blood sugar.
Beneficial to blood, liver & gall bladder.
Wheat. Seeds. Stem. Husks.
Laxative. Tonic. Anti oxidant.


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