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Health Advice and Foods.FACT: 40% of fresh food we eat contains toxins. Virtually all meat and dairy Health foods for slim fit body.products contain genetically modified (GM) and other animal induced residues.

Our eating habits have changed much over the years. Every day we discover things in our diet that harm us, but we carry on munching. Eating organically grown produce is one answer to reduce our killer toxin intake. But everyone should ensure these life shortening toxins are expelled from our body pronto. As apart from food, the very air we breathe is becoming increasingly laced with chemical toxins.
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'After years of research, we now know that the very thing on this planet that gives us life, also shortens it - OXYGEN'!

Every breath of life giving oxygen induces into our body swarms of 'free radicals'. These are basically minute oxygen particles that have become unattached from the main molecule. These 'free radicals' kill any body cells they come into contact with. This continual cell destruction is the reason we age and our body parts wear out.

So the answer? Stop eating and breathing is a little drastic - but, that's exactly what will happen sooner rather than later, unless you tackle the problem. Fortunately the answer lies in good old nature, the provider of all. There areAlternative Medicine for good Health many natural detoxifiers and free radical eaters that correctly mixed and taken as a daily supplement will keep your body free of these killers.

Health food supplements.Over 40 years ago a biochemist researching the cause of ageing grew some human cell tissue in his laboratory. Those same cells are still alive today, un- aged and youthfully flourishing. 40 Years later.
Living proof that if we reduce the toxins and free radicals, the human body is capable of living much longer in perfect health.


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