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Caring for a disabled or sick person is not just about their material needs. Disability requires a change of thinking and can be hard to adjust to. Pleasure and laughter that most take for granted are much harder to attain for a disabled person. Feeling ill on a cold dull day is much worse than when sunny and warm. A carer can bring this rare sunny warmth to a disabled person enabling them to cope much better with their disability and pain.

Employment and career jobsTHE REWARDS.
Caring can be both financially rewarding and give one a tremendous feeling of satisfaction. If you are currently unemployed, retired, low income or disabled yourself you may be eligible for a carers grant by spending 35 hours or more helping a disabled person, even if it is only for companionship or just to keep an eye on them. The current rates depend on your situation. If your receive benefits, then you receive additional money. Additionally pension class 1 national insurance stamps are credited for you and there are other benefits or help you may be entitled to. You may also receive expenses towards your personal pension scheme, looking after your children and some other expenses incurred.

These are examples of what you may be entitled to. However the rates do change from time to time. Please bear this in mind when looking at the amounts listed as some will increase accordingly as changes in the economy take effect. For the latest rates click on the link below. It will take you to the DSS - A to Z benefits and services index page. From there you can find out the relevant information that you require and the latest rates as they list them.

To. DSS A to Z Index Page.

For further information. Social Services care departmentYou can get booklet DS700 from the Post Office or telephone free on 0800 882200

You may also be entitled to carer holidays and help in other things. Your local social services may help or get in touch with The Carers National Association. 20-25 Glasshouse Yard. London. EC1 4JS Tel 0345 573369 (open 10 -12 & 2 - 4).

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Nursing and health for disabled carersTHE QUALIFICATIONS.
Be a caring and sympathetic person with a desire to help others. You may be retired, unemployed, on low income or have a disability yourself. The person you care for must be receiving Disability Living Allowance (DLA); Attendance Allowance or Constant Attendance Allowance.

The department of Health are introducing Direct Payments to those in need of or already receiving care from the Social Services. This gives total independence to choose the daily amount of care and who from. For more information check out the web site athttp://www.open.gov.uk/doh/directp.htm

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