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It is said that this is the age of stress. We are exposed to various chemical, biological, physical, and social stressors, such as toxic chemicals (including dioxin and endocrine disrupting chemicals), air pollutants (diesel exhaust gas and particles), viruses, radiation, ultraviolet light, noise, overwork, anxiety, insomnia, depression and technostress.
There is now increasing evidence that shows the involvement of such stress in a variety of disorders, diseases, and aging. It is a matter of the utmost importance to study the biological effects of such stress and develop means to cope with them.
Research aims to uncover the biological response to such stress by molecular, cellular and tissue levels and develop a sensitive and specific lab-chip to detect stress-markers and also devices to measure, in situ, the extent of stress to humans. It is hoped that this research will take the initiative for promoting stress-bioscience interdisciplinarily and internationally.

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