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Can Lifestyle Affect Heart Disease ?

Do you really think there is any benefit to life style changes ? Can they reverse the path and are they worth the effort ?

Worth the effort ? That is totally up to you. Reverse the course of your coronary artery disease ? Yes ! But it is not easy to do, nor is it a cop out to try to avoid medications or surgery. The best statistics come from the Life-style Heart Trial. Those people did it all, low-fat vegetarian diet, stress management techniques in their every day living, no smoking, and a moderate amount of exercise each day. The diets were rigidly controlled, and contained only 10 percent fat, instead of the conventional 30 percent. The rest was divided 12-20 percent proteins and 70-75 percent carbohydrates predominately complex. All caffeine containing beverages were eliminated and alcohol was discouraged. The results after 1 year showed a slight opening of their partially blocked arteries compared to progression of the condition in the control group, and the frequency of angina attacks went down 91 percent as well.

While the life-style modifications demanded in this study may not be for everyone, it does provide proof that the slow progression of coronary artery disease may not only be stopped but reversed.

The material here is "FOR INFORMATION ONLY" and should not replace the counsel and advice of your personal physician. Promptly consulting your doctor is the best path to a quick and successful resolution of any medical problem.

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