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The Governments ongoing shake up of the Social Security system is causing many disabled or long-term sick to worry. Our advice is, do not listen too much to the pessimists of gloom. The truth of the matter is that in any major reorganisation, there will be innocent casualties and considerable inconvenience for many of us. But providing everyone has access to help and advice,situations should be clarified. So if you are reading this, do not worry. Our aim is to help you as a point of reference if you become a casualty of this new system. The idea of everyone attending an assessment will create an entirely new database upon which the DSS will be structured. This will strike fear to those not genuinely entitled, of which there are many, as they will have no excuses or recourse to continue draining the pockets of those who do need. The result, we all hope, will be that those deserving will receive a much more organised system to help them and more money or other benefits available.New Legislation regaurding disability.

The really bright side for those who are disabled, is that this and the other major laws being introduced will mean we shall start to become more integrated into a society that is willing to give the support necessary in physical and financial terms. Bearing in mind that in the UK we are fast approaching a time where virtually half the population will be working, assisting the other half who are retired, disabled, sick ect. This is due mainly to the facts of longer life and advances in medical treatment. The DSS has remained virtually unchanged for decades and is desperately in need of restructuring to deal with the ensuing decades. The sheer complexity of the worlds best social security system - despite the inadequacies - will entail much unsettlement for many. Along with many erred decisions, rules or actions, all of which will take time to be rectified. Providing the necessary care and consideration is given to the innocent casualties caught in the middle of these changes, the eventual outcome will be well worth the hassle and result in a Social system that will cater adequately for those in need of it. Assistance for disabled people.

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