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Podophyllum peltatum
MEDICINAL: Mandrake is a very strong gland stimulant. It is used to treat skin problems, digestion, and chronic liver diseases. It is most often combined with other herbs. It is very powerful and should be used with caution, as well as in very small small dosages. Pregnant women should not use this herb. It is potentially very toxic to anyone if improperly used. Do not use this herb without the proper guidance from a professional!

RELIGIOUS: Mandrake is used in the home as a powerful protection. It is carried to promote conception, and men carry it to promote fertility and cure impotency.


Calendula spp.
MEDICINAL: Marigold is a great first aid remedy. It relieves headaches, earaches, and reduces fevers. It is excellent for the heart and for the circulation. It is also used externally to heal wounds and bruises.

RELIGIOUS: Fresh marigolds in any room heightens the energy within. Placed under the pillow before bed, it induces clairvoyancy. Planted in rows with tomatoes, it will keep pests from them and other vegetables. Planted near the porch/deck, it will keep mosquitoes away. It is also used to attract and see the fairies. Scattered under the bed, they protect during sleep. Add to bath water to win the respect of everyone you meet.

GROWING: Marigold is an annual plant that comes in many sizes and colors. It is adaptable to many soils. Give plenty of water and full sun.


Origanum majorana
MEDICINAL: Marjoram is useful for treating asthma, coughs, and is used to strengthen the stomach and intestines, as well as used with other herbs for headaches.

RELIGIOUS: Marjoram should be added to all love charms and sachets. A bit in each room will aid in protection of the home. If given to a grieving or depressed person, it will bring them happiness.

GROWING: Marjoram is a perennial herb growing 1 - 3 feet tall. It likes all kinds of soils, and prefers full sun and rich soil. It is grown as an annual or wintered indoors in cold regions.


Althea officinalis
MEDICINAL: Marshmallow aids in the expectoration of difficult mucous and phlegm. It helps to relax and soothe the bronchial tubes, making it valuable for all lung ailments. It is an anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory for joints and the digestive system. It is often used externally with cayenne to treat blood poisoning, burns, and gangrene.

GROWING: Marshmallow needs marshes and swamps to grow. It is a perennial growing to 4 feet tall.


Filipendula ulmaria
MEDICINAL: Meadowsweet is used to treat headaches, fever, arthritis, rheumatism, menstrual cramps, and flu, as well as diarrhea in children. Use it in place of aspirin, or white willow. It is used to rebuild the digestive system during recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.

MAGICKAL: Meadowsweet is used in love spells, and blossoms placed in the home will bring peace and tranquility to those who live there.

GROWING: Meadowsweet is a perennial that prefers wet soils and marshes. It grows to 6 feet high, and prefers partial to full sun.


Artemisia vulgaris
MEDICINAL: Mugwort is used in all conditions dealing with nervousness, shaking, and insomnia. It is used to help induce menses, especially combined with cramp bark. Often used to stimulate the liver and as a digestive aid. It should not be used by pregant women. Fresh juice form the plant is used to treat poison ivy.

RELIGIOUS: Add to divination incenses. It is carried to prevent poisoning and stroke. Fresh leaves rubbed on magickal tools will increase their powers. An infusion made of mugwort is used to cleanse crystals and scrying mirrors. Placed beneath your pillow, or in a dream pillow, it will promote astral travel and good dreams.

GROWING: Mugwort likes dry areas in full sun. It is a perennial shrubby plant that grows 1 - 6 feet tall, depending upon growing conditions.


Verbascum spp.
MEDICINAL: Mullein is a terrific narcotic herb that is not addictive or poisonous. It is used as a pain killer and to bring on sleep. It loosens mucous, making it useful for treating lung ailments. It strengthens the lymphatic system.

RELIGIOUS: Mullein is worn to give the carrier courage. The leaves are also carried to prevent animal attacks and accidents when in the wilderness. In a sleeping pillow it will guard against nightmares. Use as a substitution in old spells for "grave dust".

GROWING: Mullein is adaptable to many soils. It prefers full sun. It is a biennial plant growing to 8 feet tall. It is a prolific self-sower.


Commiphora myrrha
MEDICINAL: Myrrh is a powerful antiseptic, being a remedy second only to echinacea. It is a strong cleaning and healing agent, soothing the body and speeding the healing process. It is often used with goldenseal. It is most often used in mouthwashes, gargles, and toothpastes for fighting and preventing gum disease.

RELIGIOUS: Myrrh is burned to purify and protect. It is used to consecrate and purify ritual tools and objects needing to be blessed. It is a standard magickal herb to be included in the tools of everyone.


Myrtus communis
MEDICINAL: Myrtle is used to treat bronchitis, bruises, bad breath, wounds, colds, sinusitis, and coughs.

RELIGIOUS: Myrtle is burned as an incense to bring beauty, to honor Diana and to Venus, and is a symbol of glory and happy love. Myrtle tea will make you look beautiful to your loved one. A distillation of the leaves and flowers combined will make a wonderful beauty wash for the face, and is known as "angel water". It is used in spells to keep love alive and exciting. Grow on each side of the house to preserve and protect the love within.

GROWING: Myrtle is an evergreen plant that prefers warm climates. It has small pointed leaves, and grows to about 12 feet high. Its blossoms are small, white, and in clusters. The leaves are gathered and dried for use in August.

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